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  Ever since the number of liquor licensees in the township exceeded quota, Radnor citizens' safety, well-being, and comfort has been deeply affected by each additional grant of a liquor license, and we now have an inordinate number of the liquor licenses allotted for Delaware County, with the corresponding level of high blood alcohol content regularly present on our roads, and with a high number of these licenses geared towards access from the nearby interstate highway, causing a high "stranger" ratio in our community. 

  Radnor roads are roads on which our K-12 students are transported on, and walk on and across, and ought to do so without increased danger. This is true from lunch hour on, and our athletic fields (and other uses of school property) are often busy until 9:00 PM 

   This is a growing list of specific reasons to object to the proposal for liquor facilities, in 2 of 3 retail spaces, in a row of stores facing Radnor-Chester Road next to the TD Bank.

  The location is on busy Radnor-Chester Road, directly across from Radnor High School, in the congested, and speeder-prone, Matson Ford/King of Prussia Road district.

  Any traffic light proposed for the new row of stores cannot serve, as some might claim, as a deterrent to drinking, or to improper driving, or related danger, because drivers' blood alcohol content is not lessened by a stoplight.

  The Township has not tackled the problem of congestion in the district and there is little hope to ever accomplish this, because of the inability to improve the narrow AMTRAK / SEPTA underpass.

  There are three liquor licensees, all restaurants, all within 2500 feet of this location.  This is not only sufficient, but a situation that cries out to be left in the status quo. Radnor has one license per 750 residents, whereas the quota and approval requirement kicks in at 1 per 3000 residents. The Board of Commissioners, rather than simply turn down all future requests, has deepened our quandary .

  Do we want to make the Matson Ford Road district another restaurant row, like what has occurred in downtown Wayne ?  Should Radnor  increasingly be a township that processes restaurant patrons, when townships can and do have the authority to stifle this sort of trend, and our area has the good fortune to be able to attract all sorts of retailers ?


  The pizza/taverna type of restaurants proposed, are of the type that are prone to non-eating patrons.  Neither the township nor the LCB are equipped to enforce the rule that dictates that a majority of patrons must be seated for food ( 50 % or 70 %, depending on the agency) , and the 50/70% rule is weak in the first place, since pre- and post-meal consumption is unlimited, and the ratio is difficult to enforce.  Radnor is host to many universities, and does not historically have good experience with college-oriented establishments that serve alcohol.

   The interstate/stranger factor equates with a) drivers less concerned with safety and b) a greater likelihood of crime.

   Radnor does need to host restaurants that become mainly host to students, nor to out of town residents, which are prone to crime and other activities, in any Radnor neighborhood, no matter how commercial, even if it is close to an exit of an interstate, and . . 

   Despite there being few residences within view of the proposed licensed premises, there are, within 1000 feet, numerous neighborhoods.  We reject the notion that Radnor-Chester Road is simply a feeder road, and that no Radnorites will be affected because patrons will simply come and go without passing through Wayne.  It is obvious that alcohol-affected traffic will also increase on roads like Conestoga Rd., Iven Avenue, Saint Davids Avenue, and Chamounix Road, as a result of any new liquor license.  The town of Wayne is well experienced with the effects of bar-restaurant growth that have been evident, e.g. on North and South Wayne Avenue.

   Increased traffic at lunchtime, afternoon rush, and dinnertime, with raised alcohol levels, will aggravate congestion, and the accident rate, around the High School, Elementary School, and the area in general.

   Agnes Irwin School now leases the park at Memorial Field (next to the Archbshop Carroll/SEPTA driveway), and the field will thus be the location for an exponential increase in competitive sports, including parents and spectators, all of these sharing the nearest intersections with the increased trips and raised alcohol levels caused by the proposed licenses ( and sharing the bottleneck SEPTA / AMTRAK underpass .)

   The increased trips and alcohol-levels will also be present at the Radnor Trail trailhead and it's pedestrian access crossing at Lancaster Avenue and Radnor-Chester Road.  Plans are underway to grow the trail to the east so access will become more popular at this junction.  The trail will then have to cross Radnor-Chester Rd. at the street level, so the safety factor is prohibitive to any new liquor licenses, especially just a block away.

  Radnor has beautiful neighborhoods along Radnor-Chester, Iven, Matson Ford, and King of Prussia Roads, all of which will be subject to the road conditions and increased possibility of crime resulting from the proposed transfers.  It is time to pro-actively start reviewing township policy to stop inviting increases in the crime rate due to our proximity to the Blue Route.

  Emergency services are severely hindered by congestion.   Residents' and resident businesses' time and resources are wasted by congestion. Liquor establishments depend on high volume, and maximize it in all ways possible.  It is conceivable that with no liquor licenses the developers may change their plan to office space or another use that is not traffic-intensive.  This is not a great burden upon them because they know all of these facts that you are reading and they proposed the liquor format knowing the risks.

   The township is considering two to four story increases in permitted office building height for the area along the east side of King of Prussia Road, so that congestion and the "human toll" could be expected to double in the near future. 

   Radnor School District has apparently decided not to lodge objections to the proposed transfer despite the proximity and shared intersection.  There is less than 200 feet separating the school from the proposed liquor licensees so the School has abundant leeway to automatically lodge protests.  Radnor residents must step in where the school district has dropped the ball.

   All citizens should be concerned about hazards to school children (including those at the Elementary School);  pedestrian, jogger, and bicycle safety; cell phone misuse, and accident rates in general. 

   We are alarmed about the lack of new and imaginative  retail and service businesses in Radnor.  The Township is justified to expend resources and creativity to keep Radnor's retail offerings from further deteriorating.  

   A showing of numerous liquor establishments, notably, of the sort proposed and right across the street from a school, is a message of the positives of consumption, that runs against the child-rearing, moral aspect that is inherent in our community.  Even the Liquor Code directs consideration of proximity of schools and citizens' needs for environmental and moral improvement of their surroundings.

    We are concerned that high school students would be able to purchase off-campus lunch and after-school food in alcohol establishments, and that both licenses have potential for college-intensive clientele in the same setting as predominant or substantial drinks-only format.

    The traditional existence of a knit community in Radnor is being increasingly foregone, partly from circumstances handed down from a former inept manager. Radnor citizens need an improved record on the part of our leaders at heeding the public interest.  Each time a new liquor license is approved by our elected officials (and this approval is needed because our quota is exceeded), there is an incremental debilitation to our comfort, safety, quality of life, and ability to raise youth.




    The petition will be presented at appropriate times to the Radnor Township Board of Commissioners and the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, asking for immediate attention to the issues stated, and the entire list of reasons, that we are tabulating.

    Even if you choose to not sign, please feel free to volunteer, spread the word, and forward reasons you know of, why these transfers of liquor licenses into our township are objected to.

     We will present a new page of this petition to the Board of Commissioners and Liquor Control Board every time 20 additional signatures accrue.

     Each signor of the petition may receive a copy, of the petition, with the signor's information that was entered in this form, for their records.   



To:  the Radnor Township Board of Commissioners and Pa. Liquor Control Board

   We, citizens of Radnor Township, including Wayne, Radnor and Saint Davids, and neighboring townships, and other citizens and stakeholders, oppose the transfer of liquor licenses proposed for the 200 block of Radnor-Chester Road.

We claim that:

The Wayne/Radnor/Saint Davids community and surrounding districts, and the commuter experience in and out of the area, will be negatively affected in many ways by new liquor licenses in this location, ways that will build on inconveniences and detriments that we have observed to be growing in our town.

We and our neighborhoods have a right to be included in the process of determining the township's decision regarding this proposed liquor establishment. 

Your concern is demanded especially, because of the automatic heightened alcohol level in drivers as a percentage of driver trips along the roads in question, roads on which students will be transported on and walk on and across. This will be true at lunch hour and all  extracurricular times, and there is a high school within 200 feet of the proposed licensed premises.

   We are concerned with the proximity of liquor establishments to schools with underage students, coupled with the proximity of many colleges and universities.  

   We object that high school students would be able to purchase off-campus lunch and after-school food in alcohol establishments.  We object to the presence of college-oriented restaurants geared towards the alcohol  trade.  

   We believe that we are part of a majority of the residents and other daily travelers in this district who believe that congestion, pupil and traveller safety,  increased crime, and reduced property values, are concerns which require the immediate attention of officials, beginning with this proposal for two new liquor licenses in our township, and that many of our neighbors and friends are unable to, or have other reasons not to, sign this petition.

    We ask that all government agencies including you and the Delaware County Council, and any other entities, be implored to do everything in their power to keep these  licenses from being transferred into these locations.

    Therefore, as signature, I electronically submit:


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